textile trend colours 2015

Colour = perception. Colour = immersing your senses and playing with your emotions. A colour translation of the four different trends that Heimtextil trend book shows: Continue Reading →

fou de feu

Fou de Feu is the Ceramic Studio of Belgian designer Veerle van Overloop. Architecture, photography, design & food culture are her main influences as a designer. Her work is a blend of materials in a simple and pure way. Everyday shapes and forms get a different dimension and function.
I came across her work online and really love it! Continue Reading →

textile trends 2015

A lot of what we are shown at the Heimtextil 2015, is about EXPERIENCING textiles in combination with the rapidly developing technology in general. Some examples, beautiful ideas to my opinion, I will give some extra attention to in this blog. 
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Kristina Dam SS / 2015

This is the work of 33 years old designer Kristina Dam. She graduated as graphic designer from the Royal Danish School of Art and Architecture in 2007. Kristina Dam Studio founded in january 2012. It all started with some drawings. Continue Reading →

trends interior textiles 6

What’s yours is mine…

and what’s ours is for everyone. Sharing is the new buying. Continue Reading →

trends interior textiles 5

Year-round festival retail:

Ever since Woodstock theme’s such as ‘a sense of joy’ and ‘optimism’ feed our need to belong to a group of people, who do good in the world around us. All around us festivals arise. Continue Reading →

trends interior textiles 4

Afrofuture hospitality:

All eyes are on Africa. Continue Reading →

trends interior textiles 3

Supersensory hospitality:

Examines the growing need to be away from the hectic lives we live, with all its constant stimulations. Continue Reading →

trends interior textiles 2

Illusionary technology:

Architects and interior designers are, as usual, working to manipulate our perspective, but they now use more advanced techniques such as, lasers and digital wizardry, which can easily alter our sense of reality. Continue Reading →

trends interior textiles 1

Augmented reality:

This trend is all about the use of technology in retail, not only online, but also in stores. These stores will then be used to give the consumer the product experience. It might still be that the actual purchase of the product will be done online, but the decision to buy the product takes place in the store. Continue Reading →

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