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charge furniture

Lately, we see more and more furniture with charging possibilities. On all levels, from IKEA to high design, designers think of clever solutions for our tablets, smartphones and…

trend house Stockholm hotel lobby

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2015, has invited four interior designers to the Trend Exhibition 2015/16 to design spaces that could be found both in…

trends interior textiles 6

What’s yours is mine… and what’s ours is for everyone. Sharing is the new buying.


A beautiful feather on the Icelandic black beach.. Seeing a lot of feathers online lately, wanted to share one with you.

colour trends

With my styling agency PURE styling I combine my work as a photo stylist, retail stylist and interior designer. In my profession it is important…

new blog

After a few years blogging with blogspot it is time for a new blog…hope you will like it as much as we do…

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