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A couple of weeks ago I went to Bilbao for a long weekend. Bilbao is located in the north of Spain and is since 1997…


perspective…so important in our work, in styling and in photography especially. Sometimes we build up a styling set, but we feel it just isn’t right…

ZERO in het kwadraat

Last week I visited the Textile Museum in Tilburg for the exhibition ZERO in het kwadraat. ZERO is based on the monochrome, a preference for the color white, the…

Mint fashion store

A wonderful shop with various Scandinavian design brands, but also with a collection of fashion. Mint Fashion Store is located in Tilburg. It is a combination of…

more of iceland

I wrote a blog about this beautiful country earlier, but I can’t resist posting some more of my pictures…hope you will enjoy.

new bloggers

I am really happy to announce that PURE styling blog, as of now, has three bloggers! Manon, Ester and myself will be writing blog posts regularly.


A frosty image I took last weekend in the French mountains to wish you all a wonderful 2015!

Pieke Bergmans

Pieke Bergmans (1978, Sprang-Capelle) wants to do things differently in her work. With this approach, she has established herself internationally in a short time; she…


A beautiful feather on the Icelandic black beach.. Seeing a lot of feathers online lately, wanted to share one with you.


This summer I visited Iceland. This was a wish that I had for a very long time. What an impressive country Iceland is! I have travelled…

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