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textile trend colours 2015

Colour = perception. Colour = immersing your senses and playing with your emotions. A colour translation of the four different trends that Heimtextil trend book shows:

fou de feu

Fou de Feu is the Ceramic Studio of Belgian designer Veerle van Overloop. Architecture, photography, design & food culture are her main influences as a…

textile trends 2015

A lot of what we are shown at the Heimtextil 2015, is about EXPERIENCING textiles in combination with the rapidly developing technology in general. Some…

Kristina Dam SS / 2015

This is the work of 33 years old designer Kristina Dam. She graduated as graphic designer from the Royal Danish School of Art and Architecture in…

trends interior textiles 6

What’s yours is mine… and what’s ours is for everyone. Sharing is the new buying.

trends interior textiles 5

Year-round festival retail: Ever since Woodstock theme’s such as ‘a sense of joy’ and ‘optimism’ feed our need to belong to a group of people,…

trends interior textiles 4

Afrofuture hospitality: All eyes are on Africa.

trends interior textiles 3

Supersensory hospitality: Examines the growing need to be away from the hectic lives we live, with all its constant stimulations.

trends interior textiles 2

Illusionary technology: Architects and interior designers are, as usual, working to manipulate our perspective, but they now use more advanced techniques such as, lasers and…

trends interior textiles 1

Augmented reality: This trend is all about the use of technology in retail, not only online, but also in stores. These stores will then be…

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